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We are a group of Eclectic Pagan Circles located on the Island of Oahu. We serve both civilian and Military, single and families, our goal is to create a comfortable and cohesive community to learn and worship together. 

Full Moon Esbats are celebrated monthly, with the occasional New Moon Esbat being honored.  
Sabbats are a time when the whole community gets together to celebrate the turning of the Wheel.

Chalice Circle meets at Wheeler Army Air Field Chapel, in Wahiawa, meeting on Friday nights from 7-9

Goddess Harmony Circle** meets at Hickam Air Force Base on Saturday Evenings from 7-9pm for Adult Circle.

The Drakkar Kindred will have meetings on weekends for those interested in learning more about or already following a Heathen path. Please contact us for further information.

**We occasionally have Pagan playdates and Children's circles as well. 

Furthermore, we are sponsored by the Sacred Well Congregation. There facebook page is located here if you are interested as well. They offer a Deaconry Training Program (DTP) if you would like to be able to lead your own Circle on a Military Instillation or become a future leader of a current group.

~*~Please note that Chalice Circle and Goddess Harmony are both located on military installations.~*~If you do not have a military ID, you will have to get someone who is willing to sponsor you on either of the bases due to heightened security.

Chalice Circle

  An open Pagan circle that services the Military, dependents and civilian Pagans located on Wheeler Army Air Field on the North side of Oahu. The original Chalice Circle was started  in Watertown, NY. Chalice Circle Hawaii, began when one of the founding members moved to Hawaii in 2001 and saw a need to carry on the Chalice Circle tradition. Chalice Circle has always been an open circle that provides networking, educational and ritual experiences for any who follow a postive pagan spirtual path. Here in Hawaii our special focus has been establishing a long term Circle for the military.    

We meet at Wheeler Chapel in the multi-purpose room for Friday meetings at 7:00PM and use the outdoor space surrounding the chapel for our Sabbats and Esbats. Check in the Contact Us section for directions to our new home! Please contact Glory 808-295-4791 with any questions. 

Chalice Circle's Mission Statement
 *First, to assist aspiring and practicing Pagans in achieving a spiritual balance

 *Second, to bring to the non-Pagan population an understanding that we follow a positive, reputable and life-affirming spiritual path.
 *Third, to achieve for Pagans the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by other more prevalent faiths.

Glory Ebeling ~ Distinctive Faith Group Leader

~ Facilitating Chalice Circle since 2008, I enjoy learning from every member no matter how novice they believe themselves to be. I have learned more since I began running the Circle than I had in the 10 years prior.   


Leanne Parnell ~ Alternate DFGL

Carrieann Petersen ~ Alternate DFGL

Goddess Harmony Circle

Chalice Circle's Sister group! We are an open Pagan Circle that meets on Hickam Air Force base at the Hickam Main Chapel on Saturday nights at 7:00 pm. We work together with Chalice Circle to honor the Moon on the Esbats (Full Moon rites) and to Celebrate the Sabbats (Wheel of the Year).

During our Saturday night meetings we do have families with young children that often join us. We would appreciate anyone that brings children with them, please be prepared to babysit occasionally. Also, please bring something to keep them occupied in case they are the only child that night. We will have some workshops/crafts throughout the year that will include both Adult and Child! And of course, children are welcome to attend both Esbats and Sabbats. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Deborah Rosen-Primary Distinctive Faith Group Leader ~Practices Eclectic Wicca, with threads of Thelema and Hellenism running through it.


Sarah Chapman~ Alternate Distinctive Faith Group Leader ~A Celtic Sea Witch. I've been following a very eclectic path for over 13 years.

*If you have any questions, just email us at

The Drakkar Kindred
We are a Kindred located on the island of Oahu. Our mission is to bring honor to the Vanir and Aesir by applying the teachings of the Edda's, the Havamal and other historic Norse texts. We strive to uphold the Nine Noble Virtues and the Rede of Honor in our daily lives and honor our oaths to Faith, Folk, and Family.  

Please contact Charles Gioimo (360)550-6657 for more information.  Alternate contact Tabitha Gioimo (360)672-2931.

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