Community Life

  1. What is a DFGL/ADFGL?

    A DFGL is a Distinctive Faith Group Leader who has worked with a sponsoring church, in our case the Sacred Well Congregation, to attain lay-minister status through a Deaconry Training Course.  As lay-minister, the DFGL is permitted to perform both public and private rites, and/or lead a Provisional Congregation (an open circle) under the supervision and guidance of an Ordained Cleric, in both the case for Chalice Circle, and Goddess Harmony Circle, a military Chaplain.


    An ADFGL is an assistant and support staff to the DFGL.

  2. Are you a coven?

    No. We have no initiation rites, all are welcome to join in our worship and study groups, one or all of them, and as frequently or infrequently as you like.

  3. What is an "Open" Circle?

    An open circle is a group that welcomes new members openly. There are no initiations, no trial periods. You come and go as you please.

  4. What is an "Eclectic" Circle?

    Eclectic refers to the group being open to all paths and traditions. We honor each person's individual concept of the divine as their personal truths. Our circles do not adhere to one single pantheon.

  5. What if I want to join a coven?

    If you would like to join a coven, the group facilitators will try their best to connect you with a group that can best provide for your spiritual needs. 

  6. Do your circles only serve Wiccan Traditions?

    No. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings. We are however sponsored by a Wiccan church so most of our basic principals and rites are Wiccan in nature. Since Wicca does fall under the pagan or pantheistic umbrella, and two of our circles are sponsored by Military chaplains, anyone in non-Wiccan traditions: Hinduism, Native American, Buddhism, Taoism, etc... could all potentially be found worshipping in our circles. In fact, many Wiccans highly value the wisdom other pagan paths impart. No one seeking will be turned away on sight; however, DFGLs do reserve the right to dismiss anyone from circle for inappropriate conduct. Please see our circle rules of etiquette here for further details.

  7. Are your rituals skyclad?

    No.  We have 3 solid reasons:

    #1) Both Chalice Circle and Goddess Harmony Circle meet on military installations, where skyclad rituals are not permitted. 

    #2) We often have families in attendance, so out of respect to the children present we refrain from worshiping skyclad.   

    #3) We are not a coven; we are all open and eclectic circles, where our members may change without notice; though we are all friends, skyclad rituals are not something to be taken lightly. One should only worship skylad with your most trusted friends, with mutual consent, in perfect love and perfect trust.   

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