Open Circle Rules
  • Harm None
  • Altars are spiritual places. Please do not touch any altar unless you are designated to attend to them: This applies to all individuals including children, please remember to let our wee ones know about these sacred spaces and why we keep our hands to our selves!
  • Understand that this is an open circle and as such we will work with basic concepts recognized in most paths.
  • Be on time to meetings, if you are running late please contact the group facilitators to inform them you are on your way.
  • Please leave all personal issues at the door. Circle is a place of sharing and learning, not drama.
  • Please silence all electronics during circle meeting and rituals: Again, the harm none comes to mind, respect others time as well as your own.
  • Be respectful of all participants, instructors, and property in open circle
  • Actively and positively participate in classes/rituals. Circle is a time for learning, a time for connecting to the Goddess and God as well as like-minded individuals, it is a time to feed yourself spiritually, and above all it is a time of enjoyment!  
  • Maintain control of your children at all times. If they become unmanageable, please step outside and return once things are resolved. If you need assistance just ask.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Three strikes you’re out!
  • These rules are to be taken with the upmost sincerity, if any of these rules are broken; we will give individuals fair warning to fix the issues, if the issue continues; we, as your deacons will take the measures we need to keep the circle balanced and running accordingly.
  • Warning 1: issues addressed with individual or party.
  • Warning 2: issue addressed a second time, if not resolved will result in a third warning.
  • Warning 3: You may be asked to leave circle, Your DFGL and ADFGL’s reserve that right. We will not hesitate to use it!

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